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"Top 10 Security Myths"

1. A home security system will cost me a bundle

It may if you don't do your research first, but it doesn't have to. Compare different companies and the systems they offer, and you will soon find many affordable options, especially in the area of self-installed systems (properly mounting the control panel and sensors to your walls using supplied screws and anchors). As you are soon to find out, A4Alarm recommended systems require minimal investment of your time and money and can even decrease your homeowner's premium.

2. Alarm systems require a service contract (not with A4Alarms)

A common misunderstanding and most likely the result of prominent advertising by companies that do require binding contracts. However, you will discover that by doing business with A4Alarms, securing your home can be as simple as purchasing a system, mounting it on your walls and letting it do its job — without committing yourself to a multiple year, expensive, legally enforced service contracts will provide you with long lasting peace of mind, quality assurance, security and comfort!

3. Systems must be professionally installed... (wireless systems must be professionally designed and programmed)

Installation is a matter of proper positioning panel, sensors, key pads, connecting to existing phone service, plugging in the transformer and using basic programming skills (adding different family and visitor access codes)... A4ALARMS will pre-program your system for you and If requested, we will will optionally remotely perform programming changes and maintenance.

4. Alarm System Monitoring is costly (Our quality, affordable 24 hour monitoring, will surprise and please you)

Should you decide to have your alarm system monitored, affordable options are readily available. A4Alarms offers 24/7 alarm system monitoring at a resonable cost to you. Check our site for more information.

5. My pet will cause false alarms (tell us if you have pets in the home)

Alarm system manufacturers know that almost 70% of US homes have one or more pets, and they design their systems accordingly. Motion detectors with pet-immunity are just one example of how alarm systems can be effective, while accommodating pet owners.

6. My home isn't a target for intrusion

Perhaps, you live in the country and are always home. Or for some other reason you believe you don't need home security or safety products. Firstly, consider that burglars are simply looking for unprotected valuables, not a nice urban setting. Secondly, burglary is not the only consideration. Home safety products such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are critical for any home.

7. Hardwiring an existing home is impossible (its possible, but A4Alarms Supervised Wireless Systems are wonderful)

Running wires in an existing home is possible. There are places that you can use to hide wire runs, or you can run it above or below the areas you are looking to secure and this takes time and additional money to achieve the desired end.

8. Wireless alarms are unreliable (old technology can be unreliable A4Alarm uses the latest, fault adverse, supervised wireless technology)

Another common misunderstanding. While it may have been true in the past, advancements in technology have made wireless alarm systems a very stable and reliable option. For example, unique digital radio signals, with supervised sensors and keypads are now used with wireless systems, to remedy the problem of frequency interference; A4Alarms uses the latest in Supervised Wireless Technology, that also keeps track intrusion points, potential faults and battery life!

9. Programming is complicated (Not, A4Alarms will pre-program your system and if you need changes we will optionally remotely make changes for you); however, if you must change your access key pad codes...

And if you can program a VCR or operate a computer, you can program an alarm system. Like anything that is new, there is a slight learning curve to overcome, but the documentation that is included with every panel is written in a way that is easy to understand (the only changes that you might want to make. Again, (optionally) if you need to change your key pad codes to restrict home access to someone that you had previously given the code to it is easy to accomplish; or call A4Alarms and we can do it remotely (24 hour monitoring required).

10. Intruders can easily disable the alarm

With the use of A4Alarms Digital Wireless Systems, strategically placed sensors, wireless keypads and optional keychain remotes... you can position your wireless alarm service, in secured areas of your home using convenient access points for arming and disarming. It is extremely unlikely and intruder will be able to pre-determine, locate and disable your system, prior to being detected.

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Supervised Wireless Security Packaged for Self Installation with available A4Alarm 24 Hour Monitoring
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