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"Home Safety and Security Check list"


1. Order a Burglar Alarm from A4Alarms, have it "24 by 7 Monitored" and resolve the following important questions:

2. Do you keep all trees and shrubs pruned and well maintained to prevent potential burglars from hiding unseen?

3. Do any trees, down pipes, lattice work, brick facing or fences provide easy climbing access to upper floors?

4. Do you have skylights, can they be removed from the outside, can they be easily broken and used for entry into your home?

5. Are your ladders or tools kept outside to assist potential intruders?

6. Are your next door neighbor's ladders or tools kept outside?

7. Are you guilty of keeping hidden house keys outdoors where they are sure to be noticed or found (fake rock with hidden compartment)?

8. Is your home well lighted, with special attention to exterior doors?

9. Can your main entrance door be seen from the street?

10. Are your exterior doors at least 1-3/4 inch thick, are they made from solid wood, fiberglass, metal, or reinforced with metal?

11. Do all exterior doors have heavy duty dead bolts and reinforced door jams?

12. Can anyone gain easy access through your mail slot, your dryer vent, or your pet entrance door?

13. If your doors have glass panels, can someone break through and defeat your locking devices?

14. Have all your sliding glass doors been protected from being easily lifted out and away from their frames?

15. Are all your exterior lights and security devices in good working order; are they protected from breakage, or out of reach?

16. Does your door from the attached garage leading to the house have a dead bolt lock?

17. Does your overhead garage door have a working electronic door opener?

18. Does your overhead door have loose, broken, or missing door panels, missing or loose hardware, or window glass?

19. Do you keep your overhead garage doors closed; and your car locked inside your garage?

20. Do all of your windows have reinforced locking devices that can be secured in the open position, leaving no room for entry?

21. Do all of your screens and storm windows have reinforced locks?

22. Do your ground level windows have guards or grates?

23. Are your basement windows made of glass block, or are they protected by grates or security devices (forced entry - glass break detection)?

24. Are all irreplaceable items kept in high quality fire resistant safe or in off-site safety deposit box?

25. Do you have a complete and current DVD, video tape, or pictures of all of your valuables stored off-site?

26. If you have firearms, are they kept secured and apart from ammunition?

27. When you aren't at home, use (multiple time set) timers to control lamps, placed strategically around your home; for your safety and for energy conservation, use low wattage screw in florescence bulbs.

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Supervised Wireless Security Packaged for Self Installation with available A4Alarm 24 Hour Monitoring
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