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"Hardwired or Wireless?"

There is a wide range of home security systems available to meet different needs and price ranges. And one of the first questions to be answered when researching is whether to buy wireless or hardwired. Following are some considerations that may help.

Ease of installation

For existing buildings, a wireless alarm system offers the easiest installation process, and tool requirements are minimal. With a wire stripper, a screwdriver, and the ability to follow simple instructions, the average homeowner can have a complete system up and running in no time.

A hardwired alarm system, on the other hand, requires wire to be laid out and connected from the control panel to each sensor. Keeping the wire hidden may require reconstruction by digging through the walls or burying the wire in the ground or floor. However, if the building is under construction and the system is being installed as the building is going up, the hardwired alarm system may be the way to go.


The issue of reliability is often debated and commonly misunderstood with regard to wireless and hardwired technology. For example, some people fear the possibility of signal interference with a wireless alarm system. But, unlike older technology, today's high quality systems use unique radio signals that avoid this problem. Additionally, a wireless system's control panel checks the sensor signals regularly to be sure they are functioning properly.

Similarly, sensor battery life is also a common concern. No one wants the inconvenience or cost of replacing batteries on a regular basis, which is why the lithium batteries that are now available are made to last seven to ten years.

Cost and Features

Can you expect to pay less for wireless technology than for hardwired? It really depends on the application. If the ability to dial a private number is a priority, a wireless system will typically provide that, while a hardwired system would require and auto dialer to be added on.

Distance between the main panel and the sensors is also an important consideration. A hardwired system, depending on the wire and strength of the amperage, may extend up to 1000 feet, while a wireless system would require additional repeaters to cover that much distance.

Making the Choice

Ultimately, an evaluation of a homeowner's particular needs is what will determine which type of technology is most appropriate. Whatever your needs, be assured that A4Alarms can offer you a complete solution. Because of our low price guarantee, you can be sure you'll get the best deal.

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Supervised Wireless Security Packaged for Self Installation with available A4Alarm 24 Hour Monitoring
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